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Serving the community for more than 20 years, we treat your pet
with care, patience and like part of the family.

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About Us

Welcome to Paws Up Pet Salon

Paws Up Pet Salon invites you to bring your pets to us for all of their grooming needs. Our premium spa package and friendly staff will leave your pet clean and happy.

We Love Pets

We know that your pets are family members, and when they come to us, we treat them like family — with gentle care and patience — so their stay at our salon is comfortable and pleasant.


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All baths include a mild, all-purpose shampoo that thoroughly cleans and is ideal for all coat types. Your pet’s comfort and safety are of the most importance to us, which is why we ALWAYS use hypoallergenic/tearless shampoo in all of our doggie facials.
-Ear cleaning/plucking
-Nail Trimming
-Anal Gland expression
-Brush and blowout


Get monthly non-anesthetic dental cleaning for your dog and/or cat. non-anesthetic dental cleaning means no medication, no side effects and no recovery time. The intensive training our dental technicians have, includes in-depth knowledge of the oral cavity of both cats and dogs.

Non -Anesthetic Dental Cleaning


Have a Full groom or mini groom for your pet
We have expertise in cat´s and dog´s

Full Grooming:

Full body hair cut with length and style of owners choice and our advice.
- Nails
-Anal Glands
-Shave private areas
-Shave underneath the pads

Mini Grooming:

Touch up and shape up around the face, paws and tail



Bring your furry friends to Paws Up Pet Salon for short term and long term boarding. We offer daily, weekly and monthly stays where your pets can experience a home away from home.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Our staff will pick up your dog at your home and bring them to our location to perform the grooming services and needs requested by you. Once we finish the rightful services we will return your pets at the agreed time.

Spa Package

Treat your pet to a little pampering with the Paws Up spa package. Our spa treatment upgrades your pet’s bath, customizing the shampoo specifically to your pet’s individual needs.